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Our hosting and other internet services pricelist at a glance.....

Mailbox - 50MB with spam and virus filter @ R15 per month Inclusive 

Mailbox - 100MB with spam and virus filter @ R30 per month Inclusive

Website Pointing and Parking - R15 per month Inclusive

Website Hosting - unlimited space @ R35 per month Inclusive

Website Hosting plus "SiteBuilder Design Your Own Web Tool" and unlimited space @ R45 per month Inclusive

ADSL Data Account - 5GB at R79 per month Inclusive

ADSL Data Account - 10GB at R109 per month Inclusive

ADSL Data Account - 20GB at R189 per month Inclusive

ADSL Data Account - UNCAPPED at R249 per month Inclusive


 ADSL Fair Usage Policy

Capped ADSL data accounts will not be affected by any shaping or management on the account. The capped accounts will always get whatever your line speed is able to give you.

Uncapped ADSL data accounts are managed on an hour to hour basis depending on the performance of our network at that time. If the capacity of the network is stretched at that time we will dynamically shape and manage the account to relieve congestion on the network. Uncapped clients will be chosen based on historical bandwidth usage.The uncapped users with the most amount of bandwidth used will be managed first if there is network congestion. 

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Internet Services

IS-Xpress offers a wide range of internet connectivity, website hosting plus email hosting solutions on a variety of hosting platforms to suit the requirements of every business. We can provide you with almost anything you need from an internet, email or connectivity and we can provide it NOW! See our contact form in the box on the right and give us a try.....

To start with, you probably want to know what exactly website and email hosting is. And you probably want to know what options are available to you other than straightforward website and email hosting. What choices do you have when it comes to security, expertise, included services, cost and value?

This is just the beginning of the questions, but it is a good starting point for our company to explain the differences between what we do, and what other types of providers do or do not do.

email for more information.

A listing of what internet connectivity solutions we offer includes:

iBurst - contracts (any size and type) eg. "month to month" or "day to day" - same day delivery! We also offer month to month iBurst deals with no credit vetting at a slight monthly premium....

3G Broadband with MTN, CellC or Vodacom - choose from our selection of month to month options, or rent a 3G modem on either network for a day or a week - we offer any option you may need!

ADSL - we provide turnkey ADSL solutions - let us know you want it, and we will deal with Telkom up to the installation and configuration of the Telkom ADSL services at your business - no fuss, no extra charge, no headaches! We will make it work! Our ADSL data packages start from as little as R79 Inclusive for 5GB to R249 Inclusive for an uncapped ADSL account. We don't lock you into any long term agreement - if you change your mind just give us a calendar months notice of your intent to cancel and that it - that simple! All our ADSL accounts that are supplied are unshaped - this means you will get the maximum speeds when browsing, emailing, gaming or downloading!!! 


Our hosting services include:

VPN (Virtual Private Network) and remote desktop functionality - connect to your office Server remotely for work or maintenance. Work from the freedom of your home!

Email Hosting - we will register your domain ( from as little as R99 Inclusive once off and then we will provide email addresses on this domain for as little as R15 Inclusive each per month, or IS-Xpress will host a email address on our shared domain or one for as little as R15 Inclusive each per month - day to day rentals, month to month rentals, or prepay for a mailbox or web site hosting for five years upfront - the choice is yours! All our email mailboxes includes options of spam filtering (various levels available), virus scanning  and remote access so you can retrieve your email anywhere in the world.

Web Hosting with our Sitebuilder tool (our website design program) let your business find the easiest way to create a fully fledged and professional internet presence with your own website and email system, all based on your personalised domain name ( - all in as soon as 24 hours from time of order!

E-Commerce Solutions - shopping carts, web portals, CRM solutions and Internet based faxing solutions. We will design and activate your online shopping portal from as little as R999 Inclusive once off (10 products or less).